Structured Cabling Systems
Line 1 Partners installs structured cable plants for voice, data, video and audio applications.

A structured cable plant is one that meets the strict installation and design guidelines set forth by the standards producing bodies which govern our industry. A structured cable plant may consist of both copper and fiber optic cabling. It forms the foundation of a stable computer and telephone network. Structured cabling will support a multitude of different data technologies.

Line 1 Partners is a Leviton Telecom Certified Cabling System Provider. This certification is attained by successfully completing Leviton’s technician training program.

Campus Outside Plant Solutions
Campus outside plant is the copper and fiber optic cabling that connect different buildings located in the same proximity. Line 1 Partners has extensive experience in this area.

VoIP and Legacy Telephone System Service & Support
Line 1 Installs new hosted VoIP solutions by Digium and Star 2 Star, as well as premise based solutions from Digium and NEC.

We also support older phone system platforms such as the 3Com NBX and Avaya Partner. We have extensive experience and spare parts inventory for both products.